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The Rays Tank: Twitter Analytics Following Wil Myers Grand Slam

Wil Myers showed on Saturday just how good he can be.


Someone who didn't seem very trustworthy told me that Twitter analytics is the next big thing. For some reason, I didn't believe him. In any event, has been doing this thing called "The 140 Club" where they basically put together all the tweets connected to a big moment. On Saturday, that moment was Wil Myers' grand slam. Here are completely useless statistics about the last 30 tweets related to Myers' slam at the arbitrary endpoint in which cut it off. These were gotten completely through profile glancing/Twitter stalking.

  • Rays Fans: 16 (53%)
  • People Who Tweeted @wilmyers: 5 (16%)
  • Annoyed Royals Fans: 4 (13%)
  • Myers Fantasy Owners: 3 (10%)
  • Mets Fans: 3 (10%)
  • People Who Made Fun of Brett Gardner: 3 (10%)
  • People Who Claimed Their Friend/Younger Sibling Called It: 2 (7%)
  • People Who Tweeted It Like It Was Some Unbelievable Statistic: 2 (7%)
  • People Who Welcomed Myers to The Show Like They Have Experience Themselves: 2 (7%)
  • Passive-Aggressive Tweeters: 2 (7%)
  • Yankee Fans: 0 (0%)

In other news, the Tampa Bay Times did a piece on Myers and here's what we learned.

  • He'll date any number, as long as it's single (-digit).
  • The second L got lost a long time ago.
  • He liked Derek Jeter and Chipper Jones because they "played the game the right way."
  • He's the Rays' fourth catcher...and "ready."
  • He's the first player Rays owner Stuart Sternberg has seen to not use batting gloves and not have hairy arms.
  • He's 16 years younger than Jamey Wright.
  • (Not on Myers, but apparently the Rays are not giving out the number seven in deference to...Mike Fontenot at Triple-A. What?)
  • And from the Rays' official site, Myers doesn't wear batting gloves, but never really gave them a chance–the most he ever wore was one, and only in a few Legion Ball games. Sample size, anyone?

Here are your links for today:

-Sternberg talked over the Stadium Situation with Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports. One important thing he noted: the Trop lease may run until 2023, but the Rays need to have a place to move to well before that and something has to start happening over the next couple of years.

-David Price looked good in his rehab start, and Brandon Gomes could be back within 10 days.

-Tommy Rancel talked Alex Torres at ESPN Sweetspot.

-Chris Archer "made some minor tweaks" with Jim Hickey.

-Apparently the Rays make their minor leaguers where their pants up to their knees. Archer thinks "it's a good look."