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Rays vs. Kawaskis GDT 2: Muni Muni Muuuniii (Muni!)

Now with a complete list of profiling tips for Munenori Kawasaki Haters!

J. Meric

People who HATE Munenori Kawasaki ALSO HATE:

  • The American ideal.
  • Thousands of years of Japanese humor culture.
  • Calisthenic stretching before physical activity.
  • Freedom.
  • The scent of golden bread, pulled hot from the oven.
  • The advances of modern science.
  • Responsible family values.

They LOVE:

  • Feckless, banal baseball players who have more talent than they care to use.
  • Ignoring GIFs.
  • Totalitarianism.
  • Spelling "a lot" as a single word.
  • Telling old ladies to cross the street they own damn self.
  • Reporting to the boss when their cubicle mate takes a nap under the desk; not cool, bro.
  • Leaving an unusable amount in the milk jug, but telling no one, "Hey, we're out of milk."