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Matt Moore's fastballs last night

A quick look at location and movement by velocity.


I was intrigued by the wide range of velocity Matt Moore showed on his fastball last night, so this morning I grabbed the data from Brooks Baseball and threw it into some graphs. I wondered if he got less or more movement when he threw his 90 mph fastballs than he did when he threw his 95 mph fastballs.

I'm not seeing any compelling patterns there.

Then I wondered if he had better control over his softer fastballs, so I plotted their location and dropped in an estimated rulebook strikezone. There's some problems with this approach, as we don't know where Moore was aiming with each pitch.


It seems like the hard fastballs were more likely to be up, and the soft fastballs were more likely to be down. There was a period, in the middle innings, where Moore just tried to pump soft fastball after soft fastball into the zone, and that shows here.

Still, this is just food for thought. I don't think we can draw any good conclusions from it, but it's something to monitor and maybe explore with the full data set.