Starting a Tradition: Inaugural Tampa Bay Rays Shadow Draft

Mike Stobe

Hi everybody!

This year I will be starting a new tradition; a Tampa Bay Rays shadow draft. For those of you who don't know what a shadow draft is, it is essentially me picking for the Rays in real-time, picking from the exact board that the real Rays brass is picking from. I hope to make this a yearly event for myself, and will do as many rounds as I can. I will post my picks in this FanPost throughout the course of the draft.

I will be loosely using Matt Garrioch's draft board (found here) for as long as I can. If anyone can post a larger board beyond the Top 400 I would appreciate it! This year I didn't have time to make my own board, but next year I definitely will be.

Thank you for checking this out, and I will be recording all results!

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