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2013 MLB Draft: Day 3 Open Thread

An open thread for the final day of the draft

Mike Stobe

The draft resumes today at 1:00 PM ET; when today's drafting comes to a close, all 40 rounds will have taken place.

Yesterday, the third through tenth rounds of the draft played out. Here are the results so far, through the entire draft, for the Rays.

Round 1: Nick Ciuffo, High School C

Round 1: Ryan Stanek, College RHP

Round 2: Riley Unroe, High School SS

Round 3: Thomas Milone, High School OF

Round 4: Kean Wong, High School 2B

Round 5: Johnny Field, College 2B

Round 6: Stephen Woods, High School RHP

Round 7: Tyler Young, College 2B

Round 8: Roel Ramirez, High School RHP

Round 9: Austin Pruitt, College RHP

Round 10: Aaron Griffin, College RHP

Scott and I will post recaps on these players, along with some other draft review pieces, in the next few days.

Now that the first ten rounds are completed, teams are no longer operating under a bonus pool. The maximum slot for each remaining player is $100,000. If teams surpass that total, then the additional money is charged to the bonus pool for the first ten rounds. So if the Rays sign a player for $500,000 in the 12th round, then $400,000 counts against the Rays bonus pool.

If last years draft was any indication, teams will take some shots at high upside players in the first few rounds today, hoping to sign them for overslot deals. However, the Rays are working with a very tight budget, so they may be reluctant to try their luck with players who will cost much more than $100,000. Expect the later rounds to be used to fill out the rosters for the teams in the low minors.