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MLB all-star game 2013: Matt Moore named to team, replaces Yu Darvish

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Current all-star, former and future all-star.
Current all-star, former and future all-star.

Matt Moore will represent the American League in this year's MLB all-star game. Joe Maddon made the announcement that Moore will join the team, replacing Yu Darvish, immediately after the game today in which Moore pitched seven and a third innings while allowing five baserunners and striking out ten.

As Dan pointed out yesterday, Matt Moore is a deserving all-star. He may have made it because of his win total (13), but he has the true talent to back up that number, and after a mid-season hiccup he appears to have his arm under control and be back on the track to dominance.

For the past three years, at least one Rays pitcher has been named to the all-star game each year, and while Alex Cobb would probably have been included in the initially named team had he not been hit by a line drive, Moore's inclusion means the streak will continue unbroken.