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The Rays Tank: Baseball, come back already

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On days like today baseball fans across America ponder what they do during the offseason.


Oh, two days following the All-Star Game, you are the bane of baseball fans' existence.

Wednesday is in the books, but what to do with your wide open baseball-free Thursday?

- Jay Jaffe was kind enough to provide an All-Star break survival guide with 13 suggestions of what you could be doing with all this time, before the season's intensity level goes on a steady incline. Scope some GIFs, watch a classic or five on the channel on YouTube, play some catch in the backyard...the options are endless.

- Check out the 2013 All-Star Power Rankings if you're still celebrating Tuesday evening and the AL's home-field-advantage-claiming victory. Highlights? Mariano Rivera (of course), the flashy feet of the participating players and Cliff Lee's stone cold glare.

- If you begin to stare at your blank baseball-less television, and visions of Matt Harvey seep into your daydreams, you may ponder what his profile would look like. Per his interview with Men's Journal, it seems like it'd be something along the lines of... Tall, dark, handsome. Surprisingly witty. Full-time starting pitcher, part-time male model. Fan of dirty martinis and music. Some kids want to be an astronaut or the president when they grow up, but me? I want to be Derek Jeter.

- Get a pen and paper. Put on your thinking cap. Take on the role of Miss Cleo and make some predictions for the rest of the 2013 season. Will Chris Davis keep crushing home runs with his abnormally large biceps? Can Manny Machado break the doubles record? When you're finished, compare them to these six bold predictions.

- "One-third of current MLB pitchers have had Tommy John surgery. Of the about 360 who started the season, 124 share the all-too-familiar triangular scar." Plop into your favorite chair, kick your feet up and read this piece on the origination of the surgery and it's effect on Major League Baseball.

- Stay in your favorite chair, and read another tale of a Cuba-to-the-States-real-life-adventure by a current MLB star.Yoenis Cespedes' trek was pretty mindblowing, but Jose Fernandez's story is equally as eye opening to all the things Cuban baseball players experience during their journey to the big league dugout.

- To wrap up your evening, as you begin to watch the clock, counting down the seconds until the Rays' first pitch against the Blue Jays in Toronto at 7:07 PM EST on Friday, read the tweets of the kid who rushed the field at the All-Star Game. He documented the entire experience on Twitter, then blamed social media for his genius idea.