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The Rays Tank: Welcome, Jordan James Loney

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Loney and Escobar could both return by Sunday.

I'm pretty sure that's how he arrived.
I'm pretty sure that's how he arrived.

The Rays and Jays combined yesterday for eight home runs, with the Rays coming out on top, 8-5.

James Loney's new son, Jordan James, was born Thursday, the team announced yesterday. He is expected back tomorrow.

Alex Cobb threw a simulated game on Thursday, and is scheduled to pitch in his first rehab start on Tuesday.

Yunel Escobar might be available to DH today, and play shortstop tomorrow, according to Marc Topkin.

The Fangraphs trade value series concludes with Evan Longoria ranked number five.

With Ryan Roberts ping ponging between St. Petersburg and Durham, and both Alex Cobb and David Price making rehab starts this season, it's interesting to read Ben Lindbergh's recent piece (pay wall) on how major league players fare when they spend time in the minors.

Groundballs are a good thing for a pitcher, but how do you get groundballs? Dan Lependorf has a good piece at The Hardball Times.

Nate Silver is leaving The New York Times, and going to ESPN, where he will likely cover more sports. Baseball fans everywhere win.

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