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The Rays Tank: Price Dominates, Escobar Steals the Show

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For the third time in his last four starts, David Price threw a complete game. The Rays defeated the Red Sox 5-1 and Escobar turned an amazing double play.

Jared Wickerham

After last night’s 5-1 Rays victory, Todd Kalas asked David Price to describe Yunel Escobar’s backhanded flip of the ball to start a 6-4-3 double play. "WOW" was all Price could say. WOW is exactly how I would describe David Price’s pitching last night, too.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s Escobar’s #1 WebGem:


Price told TK after the game that he is in complete control of all four of his pitches right now. His pitching performances since his return from the DL are definitely reflecting that and last night was no different. David threw a complete game on 97 pitches, allowing only one earned run, on a Napoli solo shot, and five total hits while striking out four. Price induced 12 groundouts and 5 flyouts over the course of the game. 72 of his 97 pitches were for strikes, with three of them swinging.

For more highlights from last night’s game, give Danny’s recap a read here.

Per Dave Haller of the Rays Communications Department, David Price is the only pitcher since 1999 to throw three complete games in less than 100 pitches in a span of four starts. Holy efficiency! Haller also mentioned that only three pitchers have done this in a whole season since 1999.

ESPN was covering last night's game, and they provided plenty of stats on Price's unique stretch of five games, and even some behind the scenes video of their visual strikezone tools.

Thoughts from the Rays

The Rays are back within a half a game of the AL East lead and they could leave Boston in first place with another win tonight. Jeremy Hellickson takes the mound tonight against John Lackey to wrap up the series. Happy Helloween!


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- Chris Archer talked with Curt Schilling prior to yesterday’s game and learned that he needs to keep improving even if he thinks he may have reached his full potential.

- Over at FanGraphs, Bill Petti continues to explore called strikes on the edges of the plate. Very interesting read!Also at FanGraphs, David Laurila asked ten different players, three of which were Rays, whether they think hitting is more of an art or science.

- Dustin Pedroia’s new contract extension was officially announced yesterday and it’s a whopper. Eight years, $110 million, keeping him with the Red Sox until 2021. (More: Jonah)

- The Yankees continue to bring the laughs. Dr. Michael Gross is now claiming that he never actually examined A-Rod, and that he only reviewed A-Rod’s MRI and had a conversation with him over the phone.

- Knobler on Wil Myers: Is he another Longoria? A good read on a worthy question.

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- The Frozen beer foam machine installed at Dodgers Stadium is getting mixed reviews so far.