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Rays trade deadline 2013 rumor: Rays in talks with White Sox, mystery team over Jesse Crain

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Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago reports that the Rays are in talks with the Chicago White Sox and one other team for a trade involving injured relief pitcher Jesse Crain.

It's currently unclear how the Rays are involved in this rumor, but as the team currently have a glut of relief pitching, it'd be interesting to see if they're the team looking to acquire Crain.

The relief pitcher had 19 holds and a 0.74 ERA before getting sidelined with shoulder soreness on June 29th, preventing his All Star Game appearance.

He has yet to return.

ESPN Chicago's source described the deal as "complicated" and failed to mention which other team might be involved.

We will continue to update this page as news breaks.

UPDATE: 12:38 PM

Passan is reporting that the deal is not imminent:

It's good to read that the shoulder is not perceived as a strong concern right now. With Detroit and Atlanta each acquiring bullpen help today, the flood gates certainly seem open.