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Wade Boggs and SB Nation are touring the country!

This is gonna be awesome.

Wade Boggs is a hall of famer who tried his best to get a Rays cap onto a Cooperstown bust. MLB intervened, but we awarded him with a retired number for helping to establish our franchise.

At least, that's how the legend goes.

He was with the Devil Rays when he hit No. 3,000, and that seat still remains brightly colored in right field.

Boggs is also a man who's advertised as not minding getting his hands dirty. Jump-starting a franchise after winning a world series in your career might indicate as much, but SB Nation Studios decided to put that to the test.

The result is "A Day's Work" -- where Jeep is sponsoring Boggs to travel around the United States, trying different tasks that normal folk do on a daily basis to keep our ballparks running.

His first stop: Miami.

SB Nation Studios will be releasing a new video every two weeks, so expect his next stop to arrive a week from Friday.

For hints on where Boggs will go next, you can investigate his twitter -- which I had no idea existed! It's appropriately named ChickenMan3010, after his superstitious habit of eating chicken before every game, and his legacy of 3,010 hits.

No word on if there'll be a drinking contest on any plane flights to the ballpark.