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The Rays Tank: Yes, I would like some schadenfreude with my Crain

Shoot 'dem arrows.
Shoot 'dem arrows.
Jim Rogash

It's times like these that I love everything about the Rays. I love the front office, who just picked up one of the best relievers in all of baseball with almost no risk and for pennies on the dollar.

I love David Price, who, with a Cy Young already under his belt, has come off the DL and reinvented himself even better than he was before. I love Sam Fuld and Jose Molina and Fernando Rodney. And I also love whoever runs the official Rays twitter.

The Red Sox twitter tried to hang, but, well, they got lost somewhere on I-275.

Sort of like how Daniel Nava got lost on his way to third base.

Last night's game was perhaps the most intense of the season. Read Erik's recap, listen to the call of the play at the plate, and if you're still feeling the glow, head on over to the OTM recap and respectfully enjoy their dissatisfaction.

Jesse Crain

Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs talks about how a conditional trade for someone on the DL is an interesting deal. It turns out this isn't really conditional, but future considerations means it sort of is. His point holds.

Dave Cameron talks about Crain's evolution as a pitcher and about how good he is.

Jim Margalus of South Side Sox discusses how ridiculously valuable a reliever Crain was (before going on the DL).

Margalus explains how Jesse Crain's use of his 12-6 curve has allowed him to pitch with his fastball at the top of the strike zone.

Around the Division

The Hardball Times AL East Division Update is out (with pretty color coded graphs).

Major League Baseball may try to suspend Alex Rodriguez under the collective bargaining agreement, rather than the PED rules. Whatever that means. I'm sure some of y'all care.

CC Sabathia is declining? We know (but a good look).

Around Baseball

Evan Brunell can read lips. He applied his skills to deciphering what was said in manager/umpire arguments over at Deadspin. Joe Maddon appears twice.

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