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Rays vs. White Sox GDT 3: Welcome to the Troppa, Danks

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True story.

Otto Greule Jr

John Danks, when playing away from U.S. Cellular Field, does not pitch as well. He allows fewer homers -- which makes sense, given the White Sox play in a hitter's park -- but his strikeout rate actually drops 2 points (from 19% to 17%) away from Chicago.

Figur thatout.

Here's a band I found this morning that is probably not named after John Danks, in part because they ARE ABOVE AVERAGE! (Ha!)

In all seriousness: Danks is a good pitcher. His SIERA is under 4.00 and his walk rate is bananas this year. Hopefully the Rays can Danks Theory the living Danks out of him.