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Alex Cobb throwing off the mound; still no timetable for return

Positive progress reports!


Saturday, Alex Cobb returned to the mound for the first time since taking a line drive behind his right ear -- notably significant, as this was his first time throwing from elevation.

There is still no timetable for his return, but the weekend developments are excellent signs of progress. "I don't think we're extremely close," Cobb said after his 29-pitch bullpen session on Friday, "but we're a lot faster along than we expected."

That's no exaggeration.

The injury on June 15th had resulted in what was described as a "mild concussion" -- if there is such a thing -- combined with the complication of vertigo. Those symptoms are reportedly improving, but have yet to subside. Throwing from the mound with balance is a huge improvement.

Cobb jumped on the headset to talk with Dwayne and Brian during the Sun Sports telecast this afternoon. You could hear pride in the voices of the broadcasters as they complimented his road to recovery and his character, and discussed his recent session on the mound. Cobb gave ample credit to the Rays staff and his doctors, and noted that he's in no rush to return.

The doctors are expecting 'drastic improvements' over the next couple of weeks. Cobb described his arm as "fresh" and noted from an athletic perspective, he feels better now than he did before the game on June 15.

The reports are positive across the board, and that's as much as we can ask for.

Keep up the great work Cobb. Stay in high spirits, we'll see you soon.