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The Rays Tank: Rays walk off; how do top batters swing?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It was a good night. The Rays won, the Red Sox lost, and the Orioles lost. One game back.

Not alot going on yesterday, but some good people did write some good things:

Dan Farnsworth, at FanGraphs, wrote a pretty breathtaking piece, breaking down the swing paths (from video) of all of the 50 top hitters in the league. If you read one article this weekend, read this one.

Don't know what you think about the new replay system? Neither do I. The Hardball Times Staff discusses.

Ken Woolums, at Beyond the Box Score, explains revocable waivers.

And he's probably a bad guy, but Mason Stark, at Pinstriped Bible, noticed that fewer errors are being recorded per ball in play. Better fielders, or more forgiving scorekeepers?