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Rays vs. Royals GDT: The one-game series


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

We talked briefly in yesterday's GDT about the Rays frustrating solo homeritis. Appropriately -- and this is probably why the subject was on my mind -- I recently finished a research project at FanGraphs in which I analyze the relationship between on-base percentage (at which the Rays excel) and multi-run homers (at which the Rays struggle).

Look at the 2013 data and tell me if you find something funny:

Sadly, my conclusion in this research venture is that random variation and luck determines what happens within the span of a single season. That mean, even though the Rays have had comically bad timing with their home runs, we cannot anticipate it will balance out over the remaining month. Sometimes, that's just how things go. :(