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DRaysBay running wagers, 2013

Because we should remember what we've said.

I'm betting on THAT Ray.
I'm betting on THAT Ray.

We make a lot of predictions here. Sometimes we consider them carefully, sometimes we just spout off in a fit of frustration. Often, we have FreeZo to keep us honest and to check up on what we've said, but he can't be everywhere at once. Fortunately, it's easy to keep track of these things. We can write them down. From now on I will keep a list of official, quantitative, and verifiable predictions that site writers and community members make. If you want something of yours included just let me know, or make sure I notice it in the comments. This article will stay somewhere on the front page for easy access.


From August 3, 2013 till the end of the season, the Yankees offense will score more runs than the Rays offense.

Ian Malinowski vs. Steve Kinsella

Ian: James Loney will start under 50% of the games vs. left handed starters this season (Steve's winning this one).