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Rays vs. Twins GDT 1: Twins are creepy

They get a lot of credit for being sexy or whatnot, but let's be honest here: All of us non-twins are creeped out by twins in real life.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I dreamt last night the Rays lost in the bottom of the ninth on Thursday and got swept by the Red Sox.

But they didn't lose in the bottom of the ninth; they didn't lose at all. And that 1.0 game lead is still there today. Barely. And now the Yankees play the Red Sox, which means if the Rays are fortunate enough to gain ground on the Red Sox, then the Yankees will remain hot on their tail.

Remember how I talked about LOB a few days ago? The Rays averaged 7.0 runners LOB per game through August 25. They travel to Kansas City for a one-game series against the Royals on the 26th, and since then they've average 8.6 LOB per game. In Seattle and LA during the recent West Coast trip, they averaged 9.7 LOB.

But against the Red Sox in this recent series, that number dropped to 7.0 again. Maybe their luck is turning around? Maybe they're just putting fewer runners on base? (They are.) But everything will be OH. KAY. if Evan Longoria is really breaking out of his haze.

At least that's what I'm telling myself today.