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Rays down on the farm September 17: Durham falls to Omaha

A late rally wasn't enough to overcome a great start from Royals prospect Chris Dwyer

Tim Beckham's late clutch plate appearances weren't enough
Tim Beckham's late clutch plate appearances weren't enough

That's it for this season.  The recaps may return for winter league seasons, but maybe not.

Triple-A Durham Bulls (6-2)

Chris Dwyer was seven outs away from a perfect game before a Tim Beckham single broke it up in Omaha's 2-1 win over Durham in the AAA Championship.  By that time, the Storm Chasers were already up 2-0, and the Bulls couldn't quite complete the comeback.  Their lone run of the game came on a Leslie Anderson pinch hit solo home run in the eighth inning, but they did make things interesting in the ninth inning.  With two outs already in the inning, Cole Figueroa and Beckham both reached base, but Vince Belnome struck out against the side-arming Zach Johnson to end the game.

Durham piggybacked two starters for four innings each.  Jake Odorizzi started the game and struck out eight while allowing the first Omaha run on five hits and a walk.  J.D. Martin relieved him and allowed one run on five hits too.  Omaha's Dwyer was better though, striking out eight in seven scoreless innings, only allowing the Beckham single.


Star of the day- He couldn't get his second career no-hitter, but Dwyer was impressive.

Goat of the day- Don't really want to pick one even though they lost since it was a good season.