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The Rays Tank: Back to a tie

Cleveland looms.

Al Messerschmidt

The Rays lost last night, evening the series and the standings with Texas (but with Texas owning the home field tiebreaker), and dropping to within a half game of Cleveland, who walked off against hapless Houston in the eleventh. Elsewhere in the race, the Orioles lost to John Lackey and the Red Sox, to drop two games behind, the Yankees lost to the Jays to fall three and a half behind Kansas City did not play, and they now sit three games behind.

Clark Fosler, at Royals Review, considers the Shields-Myers trade from a Royals perspective. He's not all that happy with Wade Davis:

Now, with Davis appearing to be a high priced bullpen arm, what will justify the trade for me (or at least let me let it go) would be making the playoffs this year. . .

Yup. Davis was the wrong place to be putting one's hope.

Other Links

The Wall Street Journal took a look at incorrect ball/strike calls. Apparently, the Rays benefited the sixth most, and Matt Joyce in particular benefited fifth most, in terms of taking strikes and having them called balls.

There was a good bit of work started in the FanGraphs community section by The Kudzu Kid on a more probabilistic approach to pitch framing. I anxiously await part two.

Josh Roegele takes a look at PITCHf/x velocity park effects. The Trop comes out as a slightly juiced gun.

Stuart Wallace looks at scoop data for first basemen. Carlos Pena scooped a lot of throws while he was here.

And we're up to 19 entries in Tango's fan scouting report. That's better, but it only ties us for 13th in the league. The blue Jays have 72 entries. Are you going to let them do that?