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The Rays Tank: Goodnight, Yankees

And Royals.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

You will find no remembrances or condolences here today. Just a simple, fun fact. The Rays eliminated the Yankees, while the Mariners eliminated the Royals. The race for the wildcard stays much the same as both Cleveland and Texas won their games to stay one and two games back, respectively.

Slow news day. Success is boring. But fun. Not complaining.

AL Links

Dustin Pedroia will need off-season thumb surgery.

The Blue Jays are very thin in the outfield, going into their series against the Rays. Moises Sierra hurt his ankle, and Rajai Davis is due to go on paternity leave. That gives them only two outfielders on their 40 man roster. Tom Dakers discusses the options.

Other Links

I've been waiting for this ever since part one posted. On the FanGraphs community pages, The Kudzu Kid is in the process of working out a probabilistic method of evaluating pitch framing. In part two, he lays out how he's going to define his strike zone. This is very good, and not just for evaluating pitch framing.

When the Rays lose, we always seem to end up talking about winning percentages for certain numbers of runs scored and runs allowed, and throwing in some stipulations about how long starters should be able to pitch. I usually don't find that discussion very interesting, but Tom Tango noticed something that really is interesting.

Here's something really cool at the intersection of baseball history and baseball analysis. The first all-star game was played in 1933, but the Retroactive All-Star Game Project, undertaken by SABR is extending it back in time. Their putting together, with the help of "fan voting," worthy all-star squads and then running a simulation and writing up the results. Voting for the 1916 all-star teams ends tomorrow, so go make your voice heard!

Qualcomm is working on making it easier to get mobile data connections at baseball stadiums. What does this mean for you? If you tweet pictures of your trip to the park to @Qualcomm with the hashtag #FanTasking, you can win things (like opening day tickets for next year -- you'd need to follow @Qualcomm in order to win).

The Rays are up to 33. Pretty good, y'all. This is likely the last time I'll try to send you to the fan scouting report.