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3-Way Tie-Breaker Scenario: Rays opt for two road games

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Should the American League Wild Card race finish with the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians, and Texas Rangers tied, Major League Baseball has settled how the winners would be decided.

Using each team's combined record against the other two opponents, general managers were given the choice of being one of three teams:

Team A - home team for Wild Card play-in Game 1
Team B - road team for Wild Card play-in Game 1
Team C - home team for Wild Card play-in Game 2

The winner of Game 1 would move on to the final Wild Card game, and the loser would play on the road in Game 2.

Cleveland (7-5 against the Rays and Rangers) held the highest winning percentage at .583, Tampa Bay (7-6) was second at .583, and Texas (5-8) was last at .385 -- an no, it doesn't matter that these teams did not play an equal number of games.

Given the first selection, Cleveland chose to be Team A, hosting the first Wild Card play-in game, and Tampa Bay opted to be Team B, leaving Texas with only one opportunity to enter the playoffs, via play-in Game 2 -- the situation Andrew Friedman and Co. wanted to avoid.

Preferring to have two chances at making the playoffs, in the situation where there might be a three-way tie, the Rays would play on the road in Cleveland on Monday, and if they lost, on the road in Texas on Tuesday.

The official Wild Card game would occur on Wednesday.

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