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Rays 3, Blue Jays 6: Quick Thoughts From Last Night

The Rays played their sloppiest game in some time and fell into a tie for the top wild card spot.

Tom Szczerbowski
  • Jeremy Hellickson didn't pitch well, but he also didn't pitch as bad as his line suggests. He was perfect through three innings. Jose Reyes broke that up in the fourth with a leadoff single. Brett Lawrie reached on a fielding error by Evan Longoria with one out. The next two batters singled which is all on Hellickson, and the game was tied at two a piece. Mark DeRosa struck out, which would have ended the inning had Longoria not made the error. Sam Fuld then let a low liner to center by Ryan Goins get under his glove and roll all the way to the wall, scoring two. Luckily they were able to throw Goins out at home. That's a play that can't happen, especially on that fast turf. The Blue Jays would add two more in the fifth thanks to poor pitching and poor fielding as Evan Longoria made another error, this time on a play that would have ended the inning.
  • Delmon Young is hitting .269/.345/.500 in his 58 plate appearances with the Rays. Hooray for small sample size. He was virtually a free addition to the roster and has worked out extremely well. He even has two home runs against right handed pitching.
  • The team had a chance to claw their way back in the eighth inning with the bases loaded and one out. However, as is his wont, James Loney grounded into a double play. The team's futility with the bases loaded is hard to wrap your head around. I'm not even mad, that's amazing.
  • Chris Archer takes the mound this afternoon. The main area of concern with Archer has always been his control. His BB/9 has always hovered in the 4's. Not good. After a terrible June where his BB/9 was 5.28 it hasn't been above 1.88 in any month since. He's been prone to giving up home runs. Let's hope if he lets any out of the park today they're solo shots.