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Lineups for the Rays - Blue Jays game

With matchup wOBA projections.

In the lineup.
In the lineup.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

The lineups for today's games have been announced.

Here is the Rays lineup and how how they should be expected to perform versus Jays starter Todd Redmond.* The wOBA projections are regressed platoon splits calculated using ZiPS RoS projections (from about a month ago—I didn't update it based on fears of enlarging rounding errors) and Bojan Koprivica's platoon research.

Player Bats wOBA Projection
1 David DeJesus L 0.333
2 Wil Myers R 0.346
3 James Loney L 0.315
4 Evan Longoria R 0.371
5 Ben Zobrist S 0.334
6 Delmon Young R 0.327
7 Matt Joyce L 0.339
8 Jose Lobaton S 0.287
9 Yunel Escobar R 0.314

And here were the other lineup options that were available to Maddon:

Player Bats wOBA Projection
Luke Scott L 0.328
Sean Rodriguez R 0.303
Kelly Johnson L 0.310
Jose Molina R 0.287
Sam Fuld L 0.275

Note that Luke Scott and Delmon Young have essentially the same projection, unless you think that Redmond has a wider split than is reflected here (in which case Scott would have been the better option).

Finally, here is the Jays lineup projections when facing Matt Moore. Note that Ryan Goins and Kevin Pillar have essentially no major league data, so I'm assuming an average or near-average split.

Player Bats wOBA Projection
1 Jose Reyes S 0.336
2 Anthony Gose R 0.296
3 Brett Lawrie R 0.335
4 Moises Sierra R 0.297
5 Mark Derosa R 0.299
6 Ryan Langerhans L 0.247
7 J.P. Arencibia R 0.305
8 Ryan Goins L 0.243
9 Kevin Pillar R 0.301

*These are calculated using wOBA splits, which identifies Redmond as slightly better against lefties than the average right-handed pitcher. I believe Todd Redmond has a wider split than is reflected here, explained in my Todd Redmond scouting report.

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