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Game 163 lineups

With regressed matchup projections

Al Messerschmidt

Here are the announced Rays and Rangers lineups and how how they should be expected to perform versus the starting pitchers. The wOBA projections are regressed platoon splits calculated using ZiPS RoS projections (from about a month ago—I didn't update it based on fears of enlarging rounding errors) and Bojan Koprivica's platoon research.

The Rays vs. Martin Perez:

Position Player Hand Projection
CF Desmond Jennings R 0.345
RF Wil Myers R 0.360
2B Ben Zobrist S 0.358
3B Evan Longoria R 0.391
DH Delmon Young R 0.352
LF Sean Rodriguez R 0.330
1B James Loney L 0.273
SS Yunel Escobar R 0.325
C Jose Molina R 0.299

Desmond Jennings is back in the field? Earlier reports were that he would only be available to pinch hit, and before today he'd only done light running. If Maddon has a fault, it's trusting his guys too much. If DJ said he could go, Maddon was always going to put him in. The Rays have called for extra defensive insurance though, if Jennings is unable to play.

I highly doubt Kiermaier gets in the game, but with expanded rosters (this is still a regular season game, better to have and to not need than to need and not have.

Also note that the Rays don't appear to see Perez as a Danks Theory candidate. That's only one lefty in the lineup, and he's there partly for his steady glove at first base.

The Rangers vs. David Price:

Position Player Hand Projection
2B Ian Kinsler R 0.342
SS Elvis Andrus R 0.291
RF Alex Rios R 0.313
3B Adrian Beltre R 0.324
C A.J. Pierzynski L 0.238
DH Nelson Cruz R 0.341
1B Mitch Moreland L 0.237
LF Craig Gentry R 0.293
CF Leonys Martin L 0.234

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