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The Rays Tank: Nix and the DH Shuffle

Jayson Nix signed to Minor League contract with the Rays.

J. Meric

Breaking free from the Evil Empire, Jayson Nix has officially signed a minor league contract, which includes an invite to Spring Training, with the Rays. Throughout his career, Nix has played second and third base, shortstop, and even the corner outfield positions, so his versatility will definitely be beneficial to the Rays if he does make the team.

As things stand, the Rays DH shuffle will consist of Matt Joyce, Sean Rodriguez, and whatever other player is in need of a day off of their feet. Joe Maddon told Bill Chastain of, "I'm OK with the rotating component of it for a variety of different reasons, and a lot of it has to do with our mixing and matching and getting guys off their feet, etc."

As Danny wrote yesterday, Jerry Sands has cleared waivers and was outrighted to Durham. Josh Sale has also apparently been reinstated, as he is on the list to attend the Rays winter development camp.


-Welcome to the USA, Tanaka! The most sought after Japanese pitcher will be meeting with nearly a dozen MLB teams today.

-Maddux, Glavine and Thomas met with the media today to discuss their election into the Hall of Fame.

-The BBWAA responded to Dan LeBatard giving his HOF vote to Deadspin by banning him from future HOF voting and suspending his membership with the BBWAA for a year.

-Justin Verlander underwent core muscle repair surgery yesterday and will be out for the next six weeks as he recovers. The Tigers expect him to be ready for Opening Day.

-Yasiel Puig does not have the need for speed anymore. After having been arrested for reckless driving twice over the past eight months, Puig has hired his cousin to drive him around.

-Shoutout to Allie for coming across this baseline cherrypicker website which allows you to cherry-pick stats and see who led the league for each stat over the past century.