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The Rays Tank: Maddon fails to match FIP to leverage

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bucs dugout did an analysis matching bullpen usage by leverage to reliever FIP. Joe Maddon had the lowest correlation in the American League, meaning that more than any other manager, he did not match his best reliever (as identified by their actual FIP) to the highest leverage. This merits a closer look, which I'll have finished later on today.

Apparently, both Jeff Niemann and Sam Fuld would be open to returning to the Rays as free agents if the opportunity was there. That's great, but I'm just not sure there's a space on this roster.

How would you fare against major league pitchers? What if you never swung the bat? Jeff Sullivan asks and answers the important questions.

Evan Kendall looks at the relationship between home runs and strikeouts. We've been over this before, but I always find it fun.

The arbitrator lowered Alex Rodriguez's suspension to 162 games. Wendy Thurm, with her ever-helpful law background, discusses the decision.

Persistent Rays' rivals, the Texas Rangers, have a problem with their rotation, since Derek Holland injured his knee while playing with his dog. Brad Johnson examines their options.