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Rays release 2014 game times

The Rays have released the official 2014 schedule with game times.

This year's schedule is not kind for drawing stronger attendance, as Opening Day's usual Monday Matinee will again be against Toronto at a time most people are still working: 4:10PM

The Rays will then host five weekend series (where attendance is traditionally stronger) against their biggest rivals, two weekends hosting New York, and three weekends hosting Boston.

These two teams combine for four week-day evenings, with one day game against Boston on Monday, Sept 1, then a Mon-Wed series in the evening against the Yankees two weeks later.

Click here for the full PDF, courtesy of Rays Baseball. Print it, post it in your cubical, and get excited! We're less than a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting.

Tickets go on sale at on March 1.