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The Rays Tank: David Price contract; replay

Five? No, David. Fourteen!
Five? No, David. Fourteen!
Jim Rogash

The biggest news from yesterday is already old, but here it is anyway. David Price and the Rays avoided arbitration, as Price signed a one year, $14 million contract. That's exactly what MLB Trade Rumors had him predicted for in arbitration.

Said Ken Rosenthal about the deal:

This is one of those situations where you look at the team, and don't cherry-pick stats. Only in the Rays world do we talk about $14 million for an ace as expensive. Let's not go overboard.

Chris Archer is happy Price is back, and said so when he talked with Justin Pawlowski.

Andrew Astleford of Fox Sports Florida has a profile of Nick Ciuffo, the Rays first round pick this year. discusses Rays prospects Vince Belnome and C.J. Reifenhouser. Friedman, as quoted in the article:

"Draft position only really matters in terms of your signing bonus -- and while that matters, once you get into the system, it's much more about who you are, how you perform and how your skills evolve," Rays executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said. "Both of those guys are examples of not letting the Draft round affect their desire and quest to get to the big leagues."

Apparently, some owners think Masahiro Tanaka will end up with the Cubs. That would be great, as the Yankees are another likely destination.

A challenge from Wil Leitch for the independently wealthy: Visit 30 baseball stadiums in 30 days.

Your daily dose of Jeff Sullivan. What happens when a veteran pitcher faces a rookie hitter?

And lastly: REPLAY!