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Rays settle all arbitration cases for 2014

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Updating as news breaks ahead of the 1:00 deadline for teams and players to file.

Using the current roster, the Rays had eight arbitration eligible players this off-season, including the newly acquired catcher Ryan Hanigan. Each of those players are listed below with their projected salary.

It is commonplace for the Rays to use the one o'clock deadline for all arbitration negotiations, even though teams can still negotiate into February in an effort to avoid an arbitration hearing. The Rays would be willing, however, to discuss a long term deal.

The team is expected to reach all settlements today.

Projected salaries mentioned below via MLB Trade Rumors.

Ryan Hanigan - $2.75M

The Rays extended Hanigan's contract on a three year deal with an option year as part of his acquisition.

The contract pays him $2.75M in 2014, $3.5M and $3.7M the follow seasons, and then an $800K buyout or $3.75M option for 2017.

Jeremy Hellickson - $3.65M

Projected salary: $3.3M

Of all the possible arbitration cases, this is one I believe the Rays would love to see in court, especially with so many struggles on the mound last season.

Hellickson is reaching his first year of arb. this season at what is a considerably expansive place to start for the Rays.

This year's projected arb. figure is what the Rays paid fifth starter Roberto Hernandez last season, but Hellickson will see increases in 2015 and 2016, so it will be in the Rays best interest to keep his starting figure low.


Well, this was unexpected on my part. Hellickson gets more incentive and the Rays no longer have to pull him from Spring Training for an arbitration hearing, but I'm surprised his figure came in so high.

A combination of bad luck and poor pitching from the stretch (as pointed out by Collette) doomed Hellickson with men on base last season. He has much to improve, and $25,000 reasons to absorb a lot of innings in 2014. His highest innings pitched is 189 in 2011.

Matt Joyce - $3.7M

This arbitration figure was nailed by MLB Trade Rumors. Joyce is expected to platoon and play part time in the outfield next season, while serving as the primary Designated Hitter.

Jose Lobaton - $950K

Projected salary: $1M

Jose Lobaton is a prime trade candidate after the acquisition of Hanigan and the re-signing of Jose Molina, each to multi-year deals. There was speculation he could be traded prior to the deadline, but that is unlikely.

Lobaton is out of options, so he is stuck on the Rays roster as the 25th man until traded or designated.

Jake McGee - $1.45M

Projected salary: $1.2M

David Price - $14.0M

Projected by MLBTR to earn a $3M raise from his $10.1125M salary last year, the Rays opted for a vote of confidence with $900K above that figure.

No. 14 with earn $14M in 2014, with the increasing likelihood that he will be in camp on Feb 14.

Cesar Ramos - $749.75K

Projected salary: $700K

Sean Rodriguez - $1.475M

Projected salary: $1.3M

As noted in the Hellickson tweet, S-Rod has $25K of incentive should he bat 300 PA's.


The Rays also cut many players who would have been arbitration eligible this year, parting ways with Sam Fuld, Jeff Niemann, and Wesley Wright, freeing approximately $5.5M is salary for other uses.