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The Rays Tank: Pitch framing by zone; Moore is inefficient

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what seems like big news. RBI Baseball is coming back. This would blow my mind, if not for the fact that RBI BASEBALL NEVER LEFT.

Jeff Sullivan takes another look at pitch framing, but this time examines individual catchers' numbers at the top and bottom of the zone.

Anthony Joshi-Pawlowic of Beyond the Box Score looks at the difference between innings limits and pitch limits, with an unkind word about Matt Moore's lack of efficiency.

Also at BtBS, Scott Lindholm discusses some MLB salary graphs (linear and logarithmic) shared by High Heat Stats, and muses on how player salaries will continue to increase. Meanwhile, Brad Johnson a The Hardball Times notes (via a Jonah Keri tweet) that the percent of MLB revenues that actually goes to the players has declined significantly in recent years, and muses on what this means for future MLB labor relations.

Also, I hadn't been over there in awhile, but Jeff Sullivan noted that Baseball Savant had made some recent upgrades. Among the more interesting new additions are the ability to search pitch f/x data for pitches located in specific areas of the strike zone. There's also some nice new charts, including spray charts, like this one comparing James Loney in 2013 with Casey Kotchman in 2012.