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Rays Tank: Waiting on details that make sense

It leaves us no choice but to make bad puns.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Must we say goodbye to Alex Torres, our young lefty with the ridiculous changeup and the seemingly conquered control problems? Forsythe, that would be a shame.

According to Chris Cotillo of MLB daily Dish, Logan Forsythe, a 27 year old utility infielder with a career 87 wRC+ in 762 PAs spread out over three years will be traded to the Rays on Friday. Steamer projects  Forsythe for a 95 wRC+ and Oliver for a 99 wRC+. He's hit lefties significantly better than righties over his major league career, and he did post very high walk rates in the minors that he hasn't quite been able to replicate yet at the big-league level.

Cotillo says that Alex Torres will be sent to the Padres, and Topkin confirms. There are other players involved in the deal. With the information we have right now, this trade doesn't make sense for the Rays, but we don't have a ton of information yet. We'll keep y'all updated as we learn what's going on.

For the Padre fan's point of view, check out Gaslamp Ball's take. Spoiler: they're happy so far.

In non-Forsythe/Torres news, Carson Cistulli took a look at the Steamer projections for some Rays prospects yesterday.

Jason Collette dove into the origins of big-league closers.

Neil Weinberg makes the observation that it's wrong to debit a full run to the pitcher who allowed a man to reach base when a reliever then lets that man score. There's a much more precise way to do it. Weinberg does the math (crunching RA9 and play-by-play data), and comes shows who the calculations helped most. David Price is eighth on the list, meaning he was let down often by the relievers behind him.