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Is Logan Forsythe another Sean Rodriguez?

Are the Rays trying to acquire another Sean Rodriguez?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Reserving judgement until all the details in a trade are known is important, but it appears the Rays are shipping out Alex Torres -- a former top prospect who fell out of grace as a starter in 2012 and re-emerged last season as a high leverage arm in the bullpen -- for Logan Forsythe.

Forsythe was a 2008 supplemental round draft pick that has three years of service in the majors. He will begin his first of three arbitration years in 2015, so he would only require the league minimum next season.

So who is he?

A 6'1" and 195 lbs bench player, he's right handed, he can play each position of the infield and some corner outfield, he doesn't have show-stopping speed but his defense is highly regarded, a steady approach to fastballs and patient with breaking balls (though he whiffs on them often), in general pitchers will throw low and away, .287 career in-play batting average that is not consistent year to year, league average walk rate, slightly worse than average strike out rate, projected wRC+ in the 90's.

Holy crap, that's Sean Rodriguez.

Differences? Sean is one inch shorter, five pounds heavier, and has two years less of control.

Heck, they even have the same damn swing.

There is one other large difference, however, and that is injuries. So much so, that I would suspect this trade will hinge on a physical by the Rays staff.

Forsythe struggled last season through plantaar fascitis in his right foot, had a sore right knee he played through in 2012, and had left foot surgery shortly before that. In the minors, he also had a surgery to repair his meniscus.

Logan's injuries did not make for a stellar 2013, especially in comparison to Rodriguez:

2013 wOBA vLHP wRC+ vLHP wOBA vRHP wRC+ vRHP SB BB% K%
Logan Forsythe .283 81 .266 69 6 7.8% 22.2%
Sean Rodriguez .328 111 .253 59 1 7.7% 26.6%

... but taking Forsythe's three year career and comparing to Rodriguez's six years of intermittent play, we have a more charming comp:

Career wOBA vLHP wRC+ vLHP wOBA vRHP wRC+ vRHP SB BB% K%
Logan Forsythe .347 124 .265 69 17 7.7% 18.9%
Sean Rodriguez .334 113 .268 67 33 7.5% 23.8%

Forsythe's an injury risk, but that might have also masked some great performance. You could fall on the sunny side with this caveat, but the injuries cast a big shadow on this trade.

He doesn't have the speed we thought the Rays might be coveting for the 25th man position, but reincarnating Rodriguez on the roster now is not a poor idea when the Rays can deal from a position of depth (left handed relief pitching).