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Rays call press conference for "significant baseball announcement"

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what we know. The Rays have called a press conference for 4:15 this afternoon to make "a significant baseball-related announcement," and Stu Sternberg, Matt Silverman, and Joe Maddon will be there.

The owner, the President, and the Manager. VP (GM) Andrew Friedman's attendance has not been confirmed.

Naturally, the mast head is losing it's mind.

Possible reasons for the press conference thus far?

Ian Malinowski: Joe Maddon has found a cure for cancer.

Allie Kranick: DRaysBay has been given rights for sole coverage of the team

Drew Liang: David Price has been traded for Turner Field.

Michael Valancius: It's another extension...

Chris Moran: It's another Longoria extension

Gareth Rees: Sponsorship deal

Erik Hahman is both nervous and excited, and is worried Andrew Friedman is following stadium guru and former VP Kalt to work at a hedge fund... :(

I think Joe Maddon is announcing a cookbook, but I generally have terrible ideas. Maybe Garza is coming home!

One more idea:

SB Nation MLB: "Surprise! We built a stadium in Jacksonville."



Meanwhile, the team's media outlets are also going insane:

and the Rays facebook page changed their picture to this less than ten minutes ago:



Of course, our Chris Cotillo is on the scene...

What say you?