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Josh Sale to be reinstated; Jerry Sands clears waivers

The Rays are set to officially welcome two high ceiling bats to the minor leagues in 2014.

Jeff Gross

First, the big news of the hour:

The Rays appear to be ready to give Josh Sale another shot. The 22 year old first round draft pick from 2010 was suspended last season after using social media... err... inappropriately.

Deadspin revealed last May that Sale had bragged on Facebook regarding his getting thrown out of a strip club, leading to an indefinite suspension. This was Sale's second round of missing significant playing time, as he had previously served a 50-game suspension after testing positive for amphetamine use.

As Michael detailed in his analysis of Josh Sale's development schedule, linked above, Sale has never played above Low-A, and will likely require at least two more years in the minors, setting his earliest ETA to 2016 (pending no further interruptions). There are real concerns about how ready Sale will be to face competitive pitching after missing the 2013 season, physically and mentally, but it will be nice to have his talent back in the system.


Meanwhile, the Rays were able to clear Jerry Sands through waivers after the acquisition of reliever Pedro Figueroa.

Sands may prove to be valuable depth in 2014. Organizationally he fills a Shelley Duncan like roll for Durham next season, but with the upside of a bat that could develop into a home run machine if everything goes his way.