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Andrew Friedman is Leaving the Tampa Bay Rays

Heading to LA

J. Meric

Reports are breaking this afternoon that EVP Andrew Friedman is leaving the Tampa Bay Rays.

Rumors began circulating over the weekend that the Dodgers had expressed interest in landing Andrew Friedman, but the rumors seemed run of the mill. Buster Olney and the LA Times contributed articles to stoke the fire, which added some credibility to the whispers, but the truth is that any move would have been a bit shocking.

Andrew Friedman took over baseball operations in November of 2005, leading the Rays from worst to first in the American League in just two seasons, and has made this franchise into the competitive, exciting baseball team it continues to be today (2014 playoffs be damned). It's his brainchild, his baby. No really, it's his.

Adding to the shock of the move is Friedman's financial interests, as it was our understanding the EVP of Baseball Operations (read: General Manager) also held ownership in the franchise. But if any team could compensate the loss of such an asset, surely it would be the billionaire Dodgers.

We'll have more on all of this as the day goes on, but in the meantime, let's all sing the praises and faults of Sir Andrew Friedman, the Man Who Could.