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The Rays Tank: The time has come, pick your bandwagon!

#TakeTheCrown or #OrangeOctober?

Straight cheesin', Big Game James.
Straight cheesin', Big Game James.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends, and Happy Tuesday!

Three pre-baseball-viewing links to browse:

1. Ten reasons to love this World Series, from David Schoenfield.

2. World Series Preview: Five Keys to Victory for the Royals and Giants, from Jonah Keri and Ben Lindbergh

3. Which World Series is worth time traveling for?, from the SBNation MLB gang.

Tweet of the Day:

Enjoy these final few days of the 2014 season, before a long cold baseball-free winter is once again upon us. And before I wax too poetic and wallow in the sad dismal dreary months ahead, I want to know: on whose World Series bandwagon are you getting comfy?

Blasting Journey or Lorde on an endless loop?

Binge watching Rob Schneider or Paul Rudd flicks?

Chowing down on sourdough or BBQ?

I could go on and on, but my brain is fried, it's a Monday night, and I'm really just ready to watch some baseball.

So, despite my Giants loyalties, I'm wanting this Royals win streak to continue. And I really, really, really want Shields to win a World Series. #TakeTheCrown it is. Sorry Buster.