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Describe the 2014 Rays Season with a Song Title

Another very fun activity. You will enjoy this activity. This thread should also be used as an open thread for discussion of today's playoff baseball, as well as discussion of the Ebola virus and FEMA coffin camps.

Theo Wargo

We've already got a winner of the movie title contest. Congratulations to SRQman. He has already received his copy of the DRaysBay Writer Wives & Girlfriends Swimsuit Calendar. That said, it is unlikely that he will be joining us much in the coming days, as he will be far too busy staring lustily at its pages.

I failed to mention earlier that February and November feature the sultry beach pictorials of the significant others of Stephanie and Allie. Very tastefully done, one might say, with strategically placed sand.

Today's activity will be similar, but also very unique and different.  Today we will ask users to describe the 2014 Tampa Bay Rays season with a SONG TITLE.

Comment with your best shots, recs will decide the winner.