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How much do you value the Rays?

A simple survey question.


Whether or not it's right is a complicated question, but in America, sports stadiums are often built with public money. Teams gain their leverage by pitting one area against another. There's a strong economic case to be made that this situation is bad for the communities involved, and we'll get to that in a detailed and responsible manner over the coming weeks, but there's another valid argument to be made: professional sports teams provide value to their communities not easily captured in economic studies.

The salient question then is, "What are the Tampa Bay Rays worth to Tampa Bay?" For the purposes of this survey, assume as fact that if they do not receive a new stadium, the Rays will move to Montreal. How far would you go to build them a stadium and stop that?

Please fill out the form below, and share with others -- especially those who may not read DRaysBay regularly (and who I therefore assume are not quite the intense Rays fan that you are). I know that this survey sampling will be far from scientific, and I promise not to represent the results as such.

*Note that this is purely hypothetical. DRaysBay will not be starting a kickstarter to keep the Rays, nor do we believe that anyone else should.