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News from Japan: Longoria New Dad, Beliveau injured

Atsushi Tomura

The Japan Series is underway as members of major league baseball tour the nation and play mixed squads of Japanese teams. Representing the Rays are Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist, and rookie releiver Jeff Beliveau.

We covered the first game of the tour last week, when Longoria's grand slam was then backed by a Beliveau save.

Yesterday's news was negative, however, in that the MLB collection of players were no-hit by four combined pitchers, and the US lost two players to injury. An errant pitch broke a pinky toe on Robinson Cano, and Jeff Beliveau suffered an injury on the mound.

The first reports are of a Lat-strain, which is not a 2015 season impacting injury, but should sideline him for the rest of the Japan journey.

This morning, the news was more positive. The All-Stars broke out the big sticks for a victory, including a three-run shot by Justin Morneau, but the man of the match was Evan Longoria.

Longoria and his family knew that flying to Japan for the series would be a gamble, in that his soon-to-be-wife was expecting their second child toward the end of November -- and that little one arrived during yesterday's game.

Luckily the third baseman checked his phone, as his fiancee Jaime had texted to communicate she was starting to go into labor. Longo stayed with her on the phone, and before the game was over, the couple welcomed a son via FaceTime.

You can watch Longo discuss the adventure and his excitement in this interview.

Shortly after that aired on the broadcast, Longo stepped up to the plate in the sixth inning, and delivered as well.

Congrats to the Longoria's!

That wacky Ben Zobrist also got some buzz through a wardrobe mishap - with the switch hitter using the wrong helmet early this morning.