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Longoria returns to US lineup, homers again, Beliveau visits children's hospital

Japan Series conclusion features a healthy Longoria

Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

The last game of the Japan Series was early this morning, where face of the franchise Evan Longoria was not expected to play after taking a pitch to the left forearm.

He did return, and he homered again, as predicted:

With those short chain link walls, I have no idea why team Japan was playing Longo shallow in left field. The line drive home run could have been a chance for one of those wildly entertaining runs up the fence, but alas, Longo's blast carried right over the deep outfield wall.

In the picture to the right, we can see Longoria's arm mid-swing, and it does not appear to be showing any negative effects from the hit-by-pitch headlined earlier this week.

The stats don't count but it's been a solid three dingers for Longo over the two week trip through Japan, including a grand slam early in the series.

Jeff Beliveau, meanwhile, made the most of the rest of his journey.

After getting sidelined by a lat-strain pitching in high leverage for the Japan series, Beliveau joined Dodgers back up catcher Drew Butera to visit the Okinawan Prefectural Nanbu Children's Medical Center.

Beliveau's trip to the children's hospital included a Q&A session, and exchanging gifts with the kids, who presented the ball players with oragami crafts and "good luck charms" for their journey home.

MLB lost the finale of the seven game series, which was tied at three wins each entering the 6-4 loss for the United States.

Ben Zobrist didn't factor into the final game with much offense, but his glove was on display in center field for the All-Star lineup.