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Introducing the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards

A very serious, important set of awards.

Ezra Shaw

Today marks the beginning of the SB Nation MLB awards system. The exciting thing about this awards season is that, compared with the Baseball Writers of America awards, these have relatively little to do with being good at baseball. That makes the Rays contenders. From now until the seventeenth, we (and by we, I mean you) will be deciding on our team's nominee for six categories. Right now, please help out by brainstorming possible candidates.

The categories are:

  • Funniest moment*
  • Most regrettable moment**
  • Defensive play of the year***
  • Most important hit of the year****
  • Best pitching appearance of the year*****
  • Team of the year******
*Can you think of any funny moments not involving Jose Molina? Because I can't. The man is worth his weight in laughs. How much does a laugh weigh?
**You have to choose just one.
****The season was rarely competitive. Did the Rays nearly get no hit? Who broke up the no-hitter?
*****It will be nice to think about an awards category for which the Rays are actually deserving.
******We cannot nominate the Rays. I know y'all want to, but control your homerism, people.

Voting will begin for the funniest moment tomorrow, so drop your nominations in the comments if you got 'em.