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Rays Trade Rumors: Wil Myers gathering interest at Winter Meetings

Winter Meetings Recap: Day 2

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In a foot note from beat writer Marc Topkin, we learned that the industry has more interest in Matt Joyce's expiring contract than David DeJesus's two-year deal, and that teams are asking about Wil Myers.

A good question is why?

Wil Myers has a powerful swing, but with more holes than the waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A. He's athletic enough to play center field, but his defense grades out as average-at-best in the corners, where he's already had moments of awkwardness. It was an outfield collision that led to his broken wrist, causing him to miss the last 70 games of the season.

Furthermore, if I'm reading the tea leaves properly left at the bottom of this cup, he didn't exactly jive with Joe Maddon either.

Wil Myers's career has been one of frustration. The perception is that he's a kid who can barely comb is hair, let alone satisfy the hopes and dreams the fan base put on his shoulders with the James Shields trade. However, none of that changes his potential.

The 2013 Rookie of the Year posted a 131 wRC+ through 88 games that season, satisfying his top-ten prospect pedigree, and in batting practice he's still sending bombs to the bleachers. He's got the muscle and the arm to make due in either corner, and

A better question is why now?

Myers has gathered enough interest from the market that Matt Silverman addressed the issue with Marc Topkin last night in San Diego. The GM conveyed now is not the time.

"We don't have any questions about Wil," baseball operations president Matt Silverman said. "The guy we saw last year was injured and didn't really have a chance to demonstrate what he has.

"We look at him as a rookie of the year who really missed most of the season and expect him to be back in that form as a formidable bat in the middle of the lineup who also plays a pretty good outfield."

The Rays don't want to sell all of that potential on a rookie contract, and they don't want to sell low either. Wil Myers will probably always have a whiff-worthy swing, but his current problems are fixable, mostly related to adjustments for pitch recognition.

If everything breaks right, you're looking at 30 HR and a .365 wOBA, but if Myers is at his worst, he's a replacement level outfielder that's still capable of knocking 20 HR. That's incredibly useful. Unless another team wants to bid for Myers like 2014 never happened, he should be in Rays uniform come Spring Training.