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Rays, Padres talking Wil Myers

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays and Padres are reportedly discussing a massive deal - in scope and number of players - according to Ken Rosenthal.

We heard earlier in the Winter Meetings that Wil Myers's name had emerged as a trade candidate, and it was unexpectedly. The former Rookie of the Year's contract will remain affordable for a long time, and he's coming off what should be considered a down season after a sophomore slump and a broken wrist during a fielding blunder.

Myers is also somewhat without a position, given the emergence of Kevin Kiermaier and the availability of defenders Ben Zobrist and David DeJesus. Those names were the more expected trade targets, but here we are:

We do not know how close the sides are to an actual deal, or any of the other players involved.It's a safe assumption, however, that the cost to land Myers would be astronomical for San Diego.

Everyone has their price. Wait and see.