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What do we know about the rumored Wil Myers trade?

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Different journalists have been weighing in on what might be going on in the pending Wil Myers trade, which (again) is shocking. Myers is a former rookie of the year with raw power and some decent athleticism and a cannon of an arm (thanks to his time as catcher) that we have yet to see displayed. He broke his wrist last season, unable to bounce back properly from the sophomore slump, and has some holes in his swing that can presumably be cleared up with solid coaching.

This is also Wil Myers, the guy who eats too much fast food, who admitted to not trying very hard, who refused to cut his hair with the rest of the team and staff for charity, who get's as great a wrap as BJ Upton did in Tampa Bay with less defense.

The Rays rarely if ever "sell low" and Myers's stock is not high, but the pedigree is there. A former top five prospect in all of baseball, the centerpiece of the Shields/Davis trade with Kansas City. He's meant to be a mainstay on a rookie contract for years to come.

So if he's off to the Padres, what's going on?

Straight up? Is this a one-for-one trade with San Diego? What the hell is going on?

Jim Bowden is a guy I look to for contract projections, but he has some rumors to contribute, citing defensive catching prospect Austin Hedges as a main piece.

If we're talking names, I would love to see lefty Max Fried's name involved, but a few others are just as tantalizing, including the close-to-the-majors Wisler

Of course, it's not only prospects moving around, and with Mariners rumors mounting of a bat acquisition, it might make sense for this to be a major west coast swap.


Following the beat writer trail, it looks like talks are still on between San Diego and Tampa Bay, that the deal is moving toward including a third team.

The Mariners appear active in discussions with San Diego, but only in the wake of the deal, angling for players involved from the fall out of this trade. For instance, Seattle might want Seth Smith. He would become available if San Diego acquired Myers.

So who is the third team? it might be Washington, another Rays trade partner from last winter.

We will update with more news if and when it breaks.

UPDATE:  10:40 AM