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An Interview with new Rays manager Kevin Cash

Thanks to the Rays and MLB Network for providing the video.

Extra points if you identify the pitcher behind the mask (glove).
Extra points if you identify the pitcher behind the mask (glove).
Tim Boyles/Getty Images

The Rays announced today that Kevin Cash would be their new manager. MLB Network interviewed him, and they were kind enough to release the video for general distribution. Take a look:

My thoughts:

  • Cash says that this interview process was run by Matt Silverman, Chaim Bloom, and Erik Neander. He also says that he got to meet Stu Sternberg (as in, he dropped in to say hi, but was not a big part of the interview). That's pretty normal, and it's pretty much what we'd expect. I just stick it in as a chance to make the point that I believe the Rays front office will operate pretty similarly to the old front office, where Silverman and Co. make the baseball decisions, and Stu resists the urge to micromanage.
  • Cash gives credit to the his time working with Chris Antonetti, Terry Francona, and the rest of the leadership in Cleveland. The Rays have been extremely well run over the last few years, but it might be good for those of us in our little Rays world to remember that there are other places that are well run also. Cash talks about bringing that experience and knowledge base to his new team.
  • He said he was going to lean on the coaching staff that's already in Tampa Bay.
  • Carlos Pena still has a great smile.
  • Cash was playing it cool, but Penas's question about managing in his home town teased a bit of a smile out of him too.