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So I put this together after the trade today because I was thinking about how OF and SP/RP shake out over the next few years.

A few notes:

  • I tried to err toward using the best big leaguer or prospect (based off the community list) and project guys out to go a level at a time.
  • The numbers in parentheses represent the amount of years until they have to be added to the active roster (I think they're pretty accurate).
  • Nick Ciuffo would replace Hernandez per the community list, but he had an option still (7 years until he needs to be active) so why give away Hernandez.
  • I have the starter prospects going to the pen before the rotation if there wasn't room. There's a surplus which means we'd need to jettison someone (like the ancient Peralta who is under control forever or Ramos).
  • Nothing in the pipeline at first. I guess Sale would be the highest rated potential impact bat.



Let me know if you see anything that's wrong. This is a good jumping off point to discuss the future I think. Pretty incredible that we'll be bringing back essentially the same team next year. I do think we'll move both Price and Helly next offseason and use some combo of the 4 at AAA to replace them.

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