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Rays Fan Fest is tomorrow

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays Fan Fest will take place tomorrow at Tropicana Field from 11:00 AM till 4:00 PM. Admission and parking are free, but if you're looking for an autograph, do note that player autographs must be bought beforehand, and that ll autographs are now sold out. Proceeds from the sales go to the Rays Foundation charity.

There will also be a charity yard-sale, as well as plenty of other events. I've never been to Fan Fest, but it does sound like fun, particularly if you've got kids.

Of special interest is the T-Mobile Phone-A-Friend stage where you can do two things:

  1. "Receive the most up-to-date information on T-Mobile products."
  2. Have a Rays player call your friend.

The players participating this year are:

  • Philosopher and philanthropist Chris Archer (for if your friend needs some gentle wisdom)
  • Notable nice guy Ben Zobrist (because after talking to Zorilla, your friend will feel happy and well-liked)
  • Dolphin dream-boat Alex Cobb (for if you're too nervous to propose to your significant other and want someone else to do it for you over the phone)
  • Grant Balfour (for if the person you want called isn't really your friend at all).
Lastly, remember this moment from a Fan Fest past. Last year we received this email from Stuart Sternberg:
Can you please pass along that it was enjoyable to meet Sternfan at fanfest. I was on the field all morning and afternoon speaking to fans. It was disappointing that he was the only DRAYS Bay contributor to say hello.
When you take into account that Sternfan isn't a DRaysBay contributor, but rather a salient community member, that's even more galling. Please someone, if Stu is standing in a corner looking lonely, go over and say hi, and if you're really nice, smart, good-looking, and articulate, say that you're me. If you're none of those things, say that you're Danny.

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