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Know your Rays: relievers' pitch movement (Saturday)

A very fun game.

Mike Ehrmann

Previous answers: Tuesday (Jake McGee); Wednesday (Brandon Gomes); Thursday (Juan Carlos Oviedo)

Friday: Everybody who answered yesterday correctly identified the reliever with the big rising fastball and the 12-6 curve as Heath Bell. That included BeantownRaysFan and BossmanJunior333, so they remain the leaders for the week, with a large gaggle on their heels.

Brickhaus said in the comments that he thought Bell had thrown some other pitches in the past. That's true. His 2011 was pretty similar to his 2013, but last year, he dabbled with a changeup and also threw more two-seam fastballs.

Heath Bell in 2012:



Here's the mystery reliever for today. To be clear, these are his pitches only from 2013.



Who is he?