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Know your Rays: relievers' pitch movement (Sunday)

A very fun game.

J. Meric

Previous answers: Tuesday (Jake McGee); Wednesday (Brandon Gomes); Thursday (Juan Carlos Oviedo); Friday (Heath Bell)

Saturday: Everyone who answered, including BeantownRaysFan and BossmanJunior333, correctly identified the mystery reliever yesterday. It was Grant Balfour. Let's look at the chart again. This was Balfour in 2013.



And this was Balfour in his breakout 2008 with the Rays.



That was a truly dominant rising fastball, averaging nearly 95 mph, but Balfour's transformation into a balanced pitcher has made up for the regression of his fastball.

For today's puzzle, I'm anticipating a bunch of correct answers and a tied game, so I'm including a tiebreaker, to be used only if needed. The first chart is a current Rays reliever. The second chart is one year from a former reliever. Identify both.

Current Rays reliever:



Former Rays reliever:



Can you name both?